Rabbi Pinto met with senior officials in the Polish government

  (photo credit: MOSHE COHEN)
(photo credit: MOSHE COHEN)

The Admor Rabbi Yoshayahu Pinto’s visit to Poland has been creating loud reverberations. Last night, after leading prayers at the ancient Jewish cemetery and after his visit to the Jewish Agency in Warsaw, Rabbi Pinto participated in an official ceremony of appreciation for the Righteous Gentiles.

Earlier on, Rabbi Pinto met with Tadeusz Kościński, the Polish Secretary of State, at his office. “The Rabbi’s presence in our country is a great honor for us. The Rabbi is a symbol of peace and unity between nations and hopefully we will merit to see world peace and a world without wars soon,” the Secretary of State told the Admor. 

Secretary of State Tadeusz Kościński, the Chair of the Polish Senate Michał Kamiński, Israel’s Ambassador to Poland Dr. Yaakov Livne, businessmen Brock Pierce and Joseph Lipsky and many local diplomats also participated in the ceremony of appreciation for the Righteous Gentiles who saved many Jews during World War Two.  

Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Daniels, the founder of the “From the Depths” non-profit organisation, which focuses on commemorating the Holocaust and on assisting Holocaust survivors, is behind the initiative to recognize the Righteous Gentiles. 

The highlight of the event was when Daniels awarded Rabbi Pinto with a letter of appreciation and esteem and noted Rabbi Pinto’s assistance to Jews all over the world. “Rabbi Pinto’s merciful heart succeeds in reaching Jews anywhere in the world. Whether Ukrainian Jews, Holocaust survivors or needy people in Israel and the US, “Shuva Israel” headed by Rabbi Pinto is an empire of Torah and benevolence,” he added.

  (credit: MOSHE COHEN) (credit: MOSHE COHEN)

In his speech to the Righteous Gentiles and senior officials of the local government, Rabbi Pinto stated that “Precisely at such a period, when disagreements are becoming increasingly common all over the world, it is touching to see that there are still people who dedicate themselves to helping others.” Rabbi Pinto then turned to the guests of honor surrounding him and told them in an emotional voice: “You are the thread that connects us, you are the righteous people who dedicated yourselves to saving Jews during the cursed Holocaust and to this day you act to spread good throughout the world,” the Admor told the Righteous Gentiles. 

In addition, Rabbi Pinto also thanked the businessmen and the local politicians for their great assistance in strengthening unity and preserving the Jewish communities in Poland. “The righteous people buried in this ancient cemetery in Warsaw will certainly be advocates of  integrity and goodness for you”, he said adding: “The activities of “From the Depths” and Jonathan Daniels are second to none. Thanks  to them, the world will be a better place than it was.”

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel