Moroccan activists reject Israel’s annexation plan - report

Gulf media highlights growing opposition in region to annexation.

Morocco  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Moroccan politicians have rejected Israel’s annexation plan, according to a report on the Gulf’s Al Ain News online portal. This was already known in mid-June. But the attempt to highlight increasing opposition in the Arab world is likely a message to Israel at the precise time Jerusalem appears to be walking back the plan amid the COVID-19 crisis and Iran tensions.
In the report, the opposition is highlighted among politicians and activists who said the plan was “cowardly” and would lead to more conflict. They seek to push for the recognition of Palestinian statehood and an end to Israel’s role in the West Bank.
The context of the article is that the political opposition in Morocco may be mobilizing to try to exploit controversy over annexation at home. In this narrative, the Istiqlal [Independence] Party in parliament is said to be pushing to condemn Israel for its plans, alleging a whole generation of wars could break out if Israel moves forward.
The activists in Morocco also encouraged UNESCO to stand up to Israel, claiming the annexation plan would violate UNESCO agreements. The peace process would also be undermined, according to Moroccan activist and academic Abd al-Wahhab al-Suhaimi. “Total rejection,” another youth movement said.
It appears that these responses, and others such as a vigil in Rabat, are part of a larger call for countries in the region to coordinate responses to Israel’s annexation plan. Gulf states that have been warming to Israel are nonplussed by the annexation idea and have increasingly expressed displeasure.
Morocco is one of the countries that, like the Gulf states, have not been deeply hostile to Israel in recent decades. In its role as a moderate state playing a positive role, there are voices that want a clear response to the annexation proposal Israel has been talking about.
The report came the same day Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany also were condemning the annexation plan.