How your date eats meals may tell you if he's good in bed

Dating is as scary as walking into a dark den without knowing what is at the end of it. We're here to help.

man eating (photo credit: Courtesy)
man eating
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If you've taken a course or two in social psychology, you might know that hesitant, task-oriented Type D men can also suffer from sexual dysfunction. 

Sex expert Annabelle Knight declared in an article for the US Sun that she discovered how to predict the performance of almost every man in bed as early as the dating stage of a relationship, or rather more accurately, at the eating-in-a-restaurant stage.

"Body language and the attitude towards food and the enjoyment of it can reveal a great deal about a man's attitude towards other physical pleasures," she explained. "If he eats very quickly, for example, this may indicate a problematic approach to sexuality as well."

These are some of the different kinds of eaters and what it says about how they perform in bed:

The Rusher

If you are on a romantic date, and he is in such a hurry that he already wants the check when you're still on your third sip of wine, this can be a sign of a tendency to rush sex as well.

Temperament is a constant, which characterizes our way of working - just as a depressing person won't suddenly become the life of the party, the behavior of the date in the restaurant is a hint of things to come.

If you ask them to take things slowly, and the concept is so foreign to him that he doesn't know how to deal with it, there is a good chance that an emotional problem or at least a lack of sexual experience is hiding there.

An emotional understanding of processes and the ability to accommodate other people's rhythms are key to managing a relationship, and certainly also to good sex.

"Body language and the attitude towards food and the enjoyment of it can reveal a great deal about a man's attitude towards other physical pleasures."

Sex expert Annabelle Knight

The Braggart 

Does he have tons of heroic stories that present him in a perfect light, many times at the expense of the stupidity of others? That's a very bad sign.

If he also tries to thread into the conversation the number of sexual partnerships he's had or his "size", run away. There are few chances that a man who behaves like this will be an amazing lover. It's more likely that he suffers from insecurity and a lack of awareness. He probably watches a lot of porn in his free time and will try to pull the moves he sees there on you, and when you don't reach climax, he will blame you.

The Drinker

Having a few drinks on a date is completely reasonable, and a drink or two always improves the conversation, but if he needs dozens of chasers and a steady beer in hand to quell his anxieties about not finding favor or, God forbid, rejection, that's a red flag off the bat. Something bad is bound to happen in the bedroom, almost certainly.

This could be functional anxiety that will bother you in bed, a problem with self-love, or insecurities of any kind that will also affect the communication between you. And the bad breath is not a joy, either.

The Apprehensive Guy

Can we agree that when it comes to sexuality, excitement is at odds with excessive caution? Good.

So if he orders the same foods from the menu every time you sit down - this repetitiveness will probably be expressed in bed as well. If the man you are dating is a man of fixed habits, one who is afraid to try the special and tries to always be ready for any situation - he will probably also stick to the regular habits and what he knows "works" in bed, instead of risking new things.

The Lazy Guy

You've been dating for two weeks, and already, you're discovering that it's hard to move him from the television in the evenings without emergency assistance from a crane or moving team. If you've known a man who already at the beginning gets tired faster and more intensely than you, expect similar behavior in your sex life as well. From now on, prepare for falling asleep on the couch at night, a lack of desire to do the work in bed if it's not lying on your back, and maybe even a quick finish.

So what should you look for?

Divided attention

Before getting in bed with a guy, you should make sure he is able to divide his attention, which would allow to bring someone new into his life. His communication abilities can be tested in the meal phase. 

Why? Because the chances are that the good communication continues in bed as well, and that his mode of function is based on communication and not going on automatic. This is a man who will ask you in advance what you like, listen to you and pay attention to your every response.

Maintains eye contact with you

He looks at you while he eats and drinks - not at the food, not at the phone, not at the watch. Studies have proven that good eye contact is an important part of the initial stimulation between romantic partners - it helps release substances such as oxytocin and dopamine, which contribute to a positive and satisfying sexual experience, and also - if he looks at you when he eats, he will also look at you the rest of the time.

He eats with pleasure and not with aggression

If he bites the food in a way that indicates pleasure, not "pecking" at it and not attacking it, that'll also probably be the way he kisses, and as we all know, when a man kisses well, that's a good sign.

The sensitivity and sense of proportion that guide him in a kiss will also reach the bed with him, and the rest of the physical contact between you will be good, as well.

Laughs with people around him

When your partner makes you laugh, laughs at you and himself - it is likely that your sex life will also be on the lighter side, where no mistake is a big drama. Besides, humor is a crazy aphrodisiac. Ask Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.