Alien expert: They don't come in peace

Malcolm Robinson has researched UFO sightings and alien abductions for decades and is one of the experts in the field.

 UFO (illustrative). (photo credit: RAWPIXEL)
UFO (illustrative).
(photo credit: RAWPIXEL)

Malcolm Robinson is one of the leading alien experts in Britain and wrote over ten books on the subject, after analyzing lots of incidents connected with aliens during the last decades.

While according to him, most alien sightings have relatively simple explanations, Robinson claims that there are still a lot of sightings he couldn't explain.

The mystery is real

Talking to The Daily Star, he said: "Whilst a large proportion of UFOs [unidentified flying objects] can be explained away as having natural explanations, only a few remain, and it is to that small one percent that I and my colleagues worldwide are trying to get to the bottom. What is in no doubt, is that the UFO enigma is real, very real, it has been with us throughout time. We see this in Renaissance paintings and old cave paintings, these strange shapes and entities."

When asked about what they could want from us humans, Robinson answered: "They have an agenda for sure, we can but speculate. I wouldn't say they are peaceful, due to the thousands of UFO abductions worldwide." 

The renowned researcher was pulled into the world of UFOs when he was 20 years old when he tried to prove that all the sightings were invented - and failed. "I started out to disprove these subjects as I honestly felt that there was no validity to UFOs," he explained. "How wrong was I!"

 POV of an alien abduction experience. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) POV of an alien abduction experience. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Since then he began to give presentations in Britain, Europe and the US, where he discussed his theories with people like Amanda Holden and Stephen Spielberg. Later he founded the first association for UFOs and para-normal activity in Scotland, Strange Phenomena Investigations, in 1979.

When asked how aliens look in his opinion, Robinson said that the most frequent sightings that are reported, don't look different from the creatures we usually see in films and television. "[These are] small childlike creatures, about 3 to 4 feet in height with bluey-grey translucent skin, large pear-shaped heads with inky black wrap-around eyes. No sign of any genitalia. These small greys are the most commonly reported entities seen in close proximity to UFOs."

The abductions

His long years of research led him to analyze some dramatic incidents including the first reported alien abduction that happened on August 17, 1992, where two residents of Edinburgh, Garry Wood and Colin Wright were supposedly abducted. 

When he wrote about the incident in one of his best-selling books, Robinson described: "[The pair] were subjected to an astonishing and frightening experience which has stayed with them to this day."

They were driving on the A70 road, on a stretch described as "desolate," when they were stopped in front of a "two-tiered disc-shaped object which looked decidedly out of place" hovering 20 feet above the road.

Some days after, the pair noticed that they had lost their memory and started to suffer from headaches. After a short while, the expert got involved to analyze the incident and sent the two to hypnosis, in order to get a better understanding of what happened that night. "That hypnotherapist was Helen Walters, a dear friend of mine and someone who would treat both Garry and Colin with the utmost care," he wrote.

During the hypnosis, they remembered that "three small entities took them into the flying object and held them there for a certain period." Robinson concluded: "Their lives may have changed, but they are still the men they were, albeit with a different perspective on life."