Can you see it? Something hidden in this picture will reveal your worst feature

In this photo, there are four different parts that point out your worst characteristic. These attributes reveal traits like narcissism and even a lack of empathy. What did you see first?

 Optical illusion image (photo credit: Walla)
Optical illusion image
(photo credit: Walla)

The creators of an image containing a unique optical illusion claim that it can reveal a lot about your personal characteristics, and that the first thing you see in the image will highlight the worst attributes of personality.

The image contains a visual personality test, and according to the New York Post, visual personality tests only take a matter of seconds. However, some argue that they can give us a better understanding of different characteristics that make up who we really are.

The idea behind this is that our eyes are drawn to things that are most narcissistic. In general, narcissists have a distorted self-image and sense of self-worth. They have a need for constant adoration and frequently lack empathy.

There are four possible things that can be seen in the picture - a woman, a river, a bridge, and a boat.

The first thing your eyes see reveals a secret about your personality, including how narcissistic you are and how much you show or conceal it. Narcissism refers to our everyday sense of personal focus or excessive preoccupation with ourselves. In reference to the image, the concept of narcissism is used to describe people whose thoughts and speech focus on themselves.

 Optical illusion image (credit: Walla) Optical illusion image (credit: Walla)

So what does everything mean?

The woman: If you saw her first, then your worst trait is that you focus on physical characteristics first. It doesn't mean you're shallow or judge people by their looks, but it does mean that's what you do when you're stressed. You have a tendency to compare your appearance to others, and you can't stop thinking about your personal appearance when you are insecure.

The river: If you first noticed a river, it means that you focus too much on your social status, meaning that you understand the quality of your relationships and that is more important to you than anything else. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but people with this attribute find it difficult to advance in their careers and are sometimes in trouble with people they like since their social status is more important to them than how they treat others.

The bridge: Did you see this first? You lack empathy. Such a characteristic does not mean that you are a cold person or have no feelings, but it means that how other people feel is not always at the forefront of your mind. Your first instinct is not to check on others, and you don't always notice when other people are sad.

The boat: If you noticed the boat first, you have a problem with your sense of self-worth. Sometimes you will feel that you have everything you need to complete a certain task and you will not ask for help from other people, which will leave you with difficulties. Leave your ego aside and help others' skills as well.

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