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Prison cell block

US jail practices are racist and an 'affront to human dignity', UN experts say

One such practice is restraining and shackling women prisoners during childbirth, the report said.


Israeli soccer star Manor Solomon joins Tottenham, Premier League club with Jewish history

Solomon’s play drew interest from powerhouse clubs across Europe, including Spain’s FC Barcelona, England’s Arsenal and Germany’s RB Leipzig.


Israel reaches out to Palestinian Authority ahead of Eid - analysis

The statements are symbolic and the question is whether these high level calls will percolate down to the local level.

National Library of Israel ventures into a new realm of Jewish creativity

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS: Israel’s National Library debuts the largest collection of Kabbalah ‘trees,’ expected to form the cornerstone of one of the most important collections of Judaica.


Test yourself: Find all the errors in this picture

Time to to think "outside the box" to find the difference - most people can't figure it out!

You have to be dumb, ignorant to hate a group of people - Gold

Elon Gold is a comedian who makes fun of those who embrace racist, antisemitic ideals in order to fight against hate in his work.


Letters to the Editor May 22, 2023: Hacking and theft

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

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