Are you arrogant or humble? See what this personality test says about you

TikTok star Mia Yelin recently shared an optical illusion that managed to intrigue surfers. The picture in front of you has two sides, the one you see first reveals some interesting details about you

 What do you see first in this picture?  (photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)
What do you see first in this picture?
(photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)

There are many types of optical illusions, with some tricking our minds and others revealing hidden aspects of our personalities. The next drawing can reveal the type of person you are, but it all depends on what you first see. This illusion was shared by viral TikTok star @Mia_yilin, who often shares many optical illusions with her 403.2K followers. Her page has so far gained 8.3 million likes from many surfers across the web.

In the picture before you, you can see thick smoke, but some viewers noticed the figure of a fetus in its mother's stomach. What did you see first?

According to the creator, there are different meanings worth taking a second look.

What are the different meanings of this illusion?

"If you detected the smoke first, it means that you care a lot about what others think of you and you take the matter of impressions very seriously. You always want others to see your best side and you enjoy compliments and praise. When you hear a negative opinion about you, you take it especially hard. In addition, if you saw the smoke, this indicates that you are constantly afraid of losing the person closest to you - especially if it is a spouse," Yelin said.

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However, she explained that if you saw the fetus before anything else, the meaning was completely different.

"You have a set of very moral rules that you adhere to when you face problems. There are certain temptations that you will never give in to, no matter how attractive they are - since values are your top priority. Beyond that, in your eyes, nothing is more important than being healthy. What you wish for yourself is not enormous wealth, but happiness and peace and being surrounded by your favorite people."

So what did you see first?