This personality test will examine your emotional stability

This fascinating painting went viral on TikTok, and can reveal your personal tendencies.

  (photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)
(photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)

The optical illusion in front of you can reveal hidden details about your personality - all depending on the detail you notice first.

The photo was shared on social media via TikTok user Mia Yelin, known for sharing optical illusions and personality tests with her 392.8 thousand followers. This illusion itself has amassed a whopping number of over 11.5 million views.

The illusion shows a tall, snowy mountain with a person walking at its foot, and on the other hand, you can see a dark animal on a white background. Some viewers claimed that it was a lion, others wrote that they saw a dog and others explained that they spotted a bear. What did you notice first?

  (credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK) (credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)

What is the meaning of these illusions?

According to Yelin, if you saw the snowy mountain first, then "You are friendly and good-hearted people. You do not like to argue about any nonsense and you have a tendency to give in to others and give them the feeling that they understand better than you. Although sometimes you lack initiative in life, you are very hardworking And always give 100 percent of yourself, even if you don't get anything in return."

The TikTok star explained that "if you noticed the animal on the white background, you prefer to pretend that you are not moved by dramatic events that are happening around you when in reality, you are hiding your anxiety and insecurity. You are not emotionally stable enough. When things work as you planned, you take them too seriously, and if it doesn't happen, you feel especially frustrated. You have a tendency to take other people's promises seriously and you can't bear the fact that someone goes back on their promise."

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