TikToker prankster with history of antisemitic acts facing legal trouble

UK police have opened an investigation into the prankster's social media posts.

 Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, known as "Mizzy" on TikTok, has been issued an order to stop creating prank videos, which he quickly broke. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, known as "Mizzy" on TikTok, has been issued an order to stop creating prank videos, which he quickly broke.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

UK-based TikTok prankster Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, known to followers as Mizzy, has been placed in law enforcement custody after breaching a criminal behavior order that was issued in late May 2023, British media reported.

"Mizzy" consistently posted over-the-top videos invading the personal space and privacy of private citizens. He had been posting these videos without permission from his subjects. His actions have ranged from entering homes to stealing people's pets and running away from the scene, to actions of an antisemitic nature

At just 18 years old, he has been charged with three breaches of criminal behavior after continually ignoring official warnings to stop his disruptive behavior. The order was designed to keep him from posting the clips with the intention of curbing his posting.

The order was issued in late May after he entered a family's home as part of a TikTok "prank" video, BBC News reported. O'Garro was quickly charged and breached the order prompting an investigation into his social media content.

The prankster listed his address in Dartford, Kent, next to London. He pleaded not guilty. 

Prosecutors told British media that two of his more recent offenses happened just a day after the order was issued, breaching the order. In addition, he visited a Westfield shopping center in the area the same day, which he did not have permission to do. 

In addition, a number of his videos had resurfaced after the trial, leading him to not only skirt the responsibility but to turn to YouTube to share that he had hoped to get the attention he had gotten from his pranks and subsequent social media "fame." 

"It don't [sic] affect me innit because I'm a very strong person mentally and physically," he said, according to a report by lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan. "I don't let things affect me because you guys are on social media giving me what I want... you're commenting on all these videos, you're engaging, you're posting me more, sharing me everywhere."

Antisemitic acts from the TikTok prankster

This online prankster, operating behind the handles mizzygram and mizzythemenacee, used his social media platform to play practical jokes and disrupt innocent bystanders. "Mizzy" has recorded himself riding their bike into random places in the city of London, such as a McDonald's kitchen.

They have also filmed themself seeking out strangers in the city and disrupting them with the intention of filming. 

In one particular video, O' Garro filmed himself wearing a black orthodox Jewish hat and making antisemitic comments. It is unclear how the hat was acquired by this social media user. Shomrim community watch asked for help finding the initial owner of the hasidic hat and looking for any lead possible to connect the prankster to the piece of traditional garb.