Can you find the leopard hiding in this picture?

This animal was tricky to spot for many users. Can you find where the leopard is hiding in this picture?

 A leopard, growling (illustrative). (photo credit: MAARIV, PIXABAY)
A leopard, growling (illustrative).
(photo credit: MAARIV, PIXABAY)

There is an animal hiding in this picture that was recently shared on social media, and most people said that they had trouble spotting it.

Most of them only discovered its hiding place after over a minute of looking. How long will it take you?

The picture shows the edge of a snowy mountain. But there is a snow leopard that managed to perfectly camouflage itself to hide among its surroundings.

Can you find where it's hiding? Even the most successful puzzle solvers were left scratching their heads when they looked at this viral picture.

Today's puzzle is not easy, since there is an animal cleverly hiding in the natural landscape, which makes it difficult to spot, especially at first glance.

So, what's the big surprise?

The snow leopard seems practically invisible with how it managed to camouflage itself in an extraordinary way. Will you find him? The solution to this puzzle is at the bottom of the article.

Although some social media users claimed to have easily located the animal's hiding place, others were left confused and wrote that there is no animal in this picture.

Take one more look before you scroll to the solution.

If you still can't find it, here's the answer. 

 Can you see it now? Spot the snow leopard. (credit: MAARIV)
Can you see it now? Spot the snow leopard. (credit: MAARIV)