2,000 reptile species under threat of extinction - study

50% of all turtle and crocodile species face the threat of extinction. The new assessment will enable researchers to understand the conservation needs of threatened species.

Endangered bear beaten to death in Iran, endangered leopard shot dead

A Persian leopard was shot after attacking and injuring a policeman, an endangered brown bear was beaten to death by villagers in the town of Nami

Siberian Tiger in the Philadelphia Zoo

Jerusalem's biblical zoo revives tiger exhibit with endangered species

The exhibit's new resident, Jakarta, is a Sumatran tiger, a critically endangered subspecies.

This is the rare vulture documented in Israel

Less than 10 cinereous vultures per year are seen in Israel, which is what makes this sighting a novelty.

More endangered Israeli vultures found poisoned to death in the South

This brings the number of killed vultures to 12, effectively cutting the Israeli population down by 6%.

Endangered Israeli vultures killed in malicious poisoning attack

The carcasses of 9 vultures, accounting for almost 5% of Israel's vulture population, were discovered in southern Israel on Sunday afternoon after they ingested poisoned goat meat.

First orangutan born in Ramat Gan Safari in 11 years named after Olympics

Tokyo was born in early July to 12-year-old orangutan Tana, who for the first few days, did not so much as let strangers catch a glimpse of her cub, who hid in her mother's fur.

A hunter surveys the landscape

Israel to ban hunting of quail, place 3-year ban on hunting turtle doves

A move to ban the hunting of quail and turtle doves was announced by Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg, and could go into effect on August 11.


Endangered wildlife in northern Israel killed in suspected poisoning

Since the 1950s, the extinction of several species in the region, particularly birds of prey, has been directly linked to the use of poisonous pesticides.

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