Viral water slide incident leaves man stuck and Internet buzzing

A young man's misadventure on a water slide goes viral, capturing the attention of millions online

Water slide (Illustrative). (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Water slide (Illustrative).
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

A young man named Jami from Malaysia has become an Internet sensation after sharing a video of himself getting stuck on a water slide. His TikTok video has already garnered nearly 50 million views, entrancing viewers with his unexpected predicament.

The video begins with Jami confidently positioned at the entrance of the water slide, ready to embark on a thrilling trip.

As the entrance opens, he is propelled into the plastic chute. However, his excitement quickly turns to surprise as Jami encounters an obstacle, causing him to get stuck, lodged in place in the middle of the slide. Despite trying to regain momentum, Jamie found himself stuck again. He had to resort to crawling inside the slide and calling for help in order to escape.

Getting stuck on a water slide: A fun amusement park trip gone wrong and viral

Fortunately, Jami's distress did not go unnoticed. A park employee who was alerted to his predicament swiftly came to his aid, opening the top of the slide and freeing him.

The incident, which took place at the Penang Amusement Park in Malaysia, has generated significant buzz on TikTok. Numerous users shared their fears of confined spaces after watching the video. One user confessed, "My claustrophobia has awakened," while another stated, "New fear unlocked."

In an attempt to find an explanation for how he got stuck on the water slide, one TikTok user speculated that Jami's choice of pants, jogging pants, might have been the cause. Interestingly, Jami later uploaded another video wearing normal swimming trunks, and his trip down the water slide proceeded smoothly.