Do you take the eggs out of the carton? You might be doing it wrong

A simple task like emptying an egg carton can lead to broken eggs if not done correctly. Discover the technique that experts recommend.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Eggs are a staple in households, finding their way into various recipes. However, many people face the frustrating situation of breaking eggs while transporting them to the fridge.

The reason behind this mishap is often the incorrect method of emptying the egg carton. A post on social media sparked a heated debate, shedding light on the right way to do it.

How do you take eggs out without breaking them?

The question that garnered hundreds of responses on Twitter was, "Hey folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?" While most people favored the "left to right" approach, one person offered a different perspective: "Both sides so the centre is balanced. There's no other logical way."

Credit: IngImage
Credit: IngImage

As the discussion continued, an expert weighed in with a conclusive answer: "Outside to the middle. So the weight is evenly distributed."

While the question might seem rhetorical, it has been previously addressed on the YouTube channel, Mind Your Decisions. The channel highlighted the best techniques for emptying an egg carton to prevent any eggs from breaking during transportation.

The most efficient method involves an equal distribution strategy: Take one egg from each side alternatively and place them in the refrigerator until reaching the center. This ensures a well-balanced carton.

Lastly, gripping the egg carton diagonally can also help maintain even weight distribution.