We all do it: 7 things you should not keep in the bathroom

Discover the 7 items that can be ruined by bathroom humidity.

 Shower (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Have you ever considered the impact of bathroom humidity on the items you store there? It turns out that changes in room temperature significantly affect several things. Read on to learn more.

Caroline, the viral cleaning and lifestyle blogger, has compiled a list of seven common things we all have that we shouldn't keep in the bathroom. She frequently shares home organization tips on her popular TikTok account, and she's now revealing which items are prone to damage due to humidity in the bathroom, along with suggestions for where else you should store them.

These are the things you shouldn't keep in your bathroom

The first item on her list is perfume. She explains that the humidity from showers can cause perfumes stored in the bathroom to lose their effectiveness. The fluctuating room temperature in the bathroom is not ideal for preserving fragrances. Instead, you should store your perfumes in the bedroom.

This same rule applies to art; they are also at risk of being damaged by humidity. It's better to store art pieces outside the bathroom. Additionally, Caroline advises against storing nail polish in the bathroom, as the temperature changes can lead to the liquid drying up. Instead, you should keep it in a drawer in another non-humid room in the house.

Regarding clothes, Caroline cautions her 241,000 followers to avoid hanging used bathrobes and body towels in the bathroom. There's a very important reason behind this: Storing used towels in the bathroom can lead to an increase in bacteria and cause a stale smell over time.

In addition, moisture can cause painted wooden furniture to peel.

Caroline concluded by suggesting her viewers find a new place to store medicine, since that, too, can be harmed by bathroom humidity.