Caught: Millionaire unveils partner's affair during engagement party

A shocking twist unfolded at a soiree in Italy, where a wealthy banker publicly confronted his partner's infidelity, leaving the attendees stunned.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A sophisticated engagement celebration turned into a tumultuous affair when a man in his 60s decided to steer his prepared speech in an unexpected direction. Rather than fostering an atmosphere of celebration, he plunged the gathering into disbelief by uncovering painful truths that led to the demise of their relationship.

In a surprising turn of events, Massimo Seger, 64, took center stage at the opulent engagement gala that he and his 47-year-old partner, Cristina Simendi, hosted in Turin, Italy. Before an audience of 150 guests, Seger boldly accused Simendi of engaging in an illicit affair, a revelation that apparently blindsided everyone present: "I feel compelled to grant Christina the freedom to pursue love, or more precisely, to love another man—a young lawyer who seems to hold a greater place in her heart than I do."

Addressing Simendi directly, he continued, "Dearest Christina, I am acutely aware of the depth of your feelings for him—emotionally and intimately. Furthermore, I am not oblivious to the fact that your romantic history predates him."

Seger's assertions painted Simendi as a habitual cheater. He lamented, "This isn't a situation I relish—being exposed as a betrayed man in the presence of all our acquaintances."

An unbroken spirit

Amid the heartbreak, Seger added, "My partner is remarkably forthright with her truths, and I found it impossible to stand idly by without revealing the rationale behind my decision to sever our shared life tonight. Fortunately, I unearthed these revelations before our marriage. While I'm disheartened, my spirit remains unbroken."

As Seger delivered his scathing address, Simendi stood beside him, attempting to maintain her composure as her affair was unveiled to the gathering. Nevertheless, subsequent reports from the Daily Mail indicate that she is pursuing legal action against Seger for "defamation" and "grave allegations."

Meanwhile, the millionaire banker countered Simendi's claims by accusing her of embezzling $760,000 from one of his accounts following the speech. The couple had been engaged for several years, grappling with multiple postponements of their wedding due to the global pandemic, and had finally set October as their new date.