Food, glorious (kosher) food in Jerusalem's Mahaneh Yehuda Market

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 61

 Mahaneh_Yehudah  (photo credit: @MarkDavidPod   )
(photo credit: @MarkDavidPod )

Some call it The Shuk, others Mahaneh Yehuda. Either way, the market has seen many changes in recent years. Mark and David take you on an audio feast that will arouse all your senses as they take in the sights, sounds, smells and, most importantly, the tastes of this Jerusalem landmark.

This time:

 So what are our favorite Jerusalem attractions (other than food!)?

  • Meet the most colorful of tour guides and guess the accent
  • Why is this night different from all others?
  • Sweet or savory? All the way from Morocco
  • Holy crepe!
  • The chef. The vision.
  • Turkish delight, followed by, erm, Turkish Delight
  • The Great Debate: Is there such a thing as Jewish food?
  • From Lebanon with love (and spice)
  • Getting a French lowdown on Middle-Eastern Manna!
  • Surely they can't eat any more? Mark and David can - just for you
  • A South-American farewell. 

Mark and David were hosted by tour guide and author Joel Haber.

Kafeh Turkie (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)
Kafeh Turkie (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)

Nuna mufletta eatery (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)
Nuna mufletta eatery (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)

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