Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann was one of the key figures responsible for the Holocaust. He was a lieutenant colonel in the feared Nazi SS unit. He received official orders from Reinhardt Heydrich, the SS Commander, to manage and facilitate the transportation and logistics of deporting Jews from their ghettos and to the extermination camps. He was captured in 1960 by the Mossad and was hanged a couple of years afterward after being tried in an Israeli court.
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Holocaust denial spreading in the US -opinion

There has been interest by a still small number of academically educated, intellectual and political figures willing to participate in Holocaust “revisionism.”


The long-lost Adolf Eichmann recordings shown in new documentary

"I am 100% convinced Eichmann had no mercy for anyone... he was a sworn Nazi through and through."


Eichmann docuseries and a new Tel Aviv sitcom - new on Israeli TV

Disney+ launches in Israel on June 16 and it is now possible to sign up for a full year or shorter package

Why my father’s yahrzeit falls on Adolf Eichmann’s execution date - opinion

More than anything else my father, Yoav Botach, taught me to be a fighter for the Jewish people.

Eichmann prosecutor and Supreme Court justice Gabriel Bach dies

Bach was born in Germany in 1927 as Gert Gabriel Bach, and grew up in Berlin under Nazi rule.

The Mossad man behind Eichmann's capture - interview

My final question was to ask him how he would like to be remembered. He answered quietly: “As a servant of my country."

SUPREME COURT judges deliberate in the courthouse at Jerusalem’s Beit Ha’am before delivering their

The man who exposed Adolf Eichmann

After six decades, the name of the man who provided key details to the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann has been revealed.

By Sara Sharf

Amid global anti-Jewish sentiment, it's time to stand up and fight

“To everything there is a time; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.” (Ecclesiastes 3)

Adolf Eichmann was executed on June 1, 59 years ago

Before his capture, under the guise of several false identities, Eichmann fled to Argentina along with many other members of the Nazi Party.

Joseph Kleinman, a 90-year-old holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz and Dachau Nazi death camp

Yosef Kleinman, youngest survivor to testify at Eichmann trial, dies at 91

Kleinman was one of 110 witnesses at the 1961 trial of Eichmann, and at 31 was the youngest. His testimony was about the fate of Jewish youths at Auschwitz.

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