The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a powerful pro-Israel lobby in the US.

AIPAC labels itself bipartisan but has also come under criticism by many who feel it is too closely aligned with the Republican Party in the US and the Likud Party in Israel.

It is also often contrasted with J Street, another pro-Israel organization in the US often seen as being more closely aligned with the American and Israeli Left.

In late 2021, AIPAC announced it would begin fundraising efforts and endorsements for certain political candidates in the US.

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Jewish American organizations endorsing antisemitism must be denounced

The IHRA working definition of antisemitism was widely adopted - the pro-Israel community should use it to target obvious antisemites.

Will a right-wing government in Israel further alienate US Jewry?

US-ISRAELI AFFAIRS: Leaders of US Jewish organizations have different opinions about the future of relations with the Jewish state.

Int'l Jewish organizations, leaders: Don't give the Diaspora Ministry to Shas

It was reported by Israeli media that Shas is expected to receive the Diaspora Affairs Ministry in the coalition negotiations.


Are election deniers good for Israel? - opinion

Democrats increasingly see the pro-Israel cause as inseparable from the Right fringe, particularly when AIPAC is trying to elect people who undermine American democracy.

Fake AIPAC Twitter account tweet shocks Jewish Twitter users

"We love apartheid," was tweeted on an account with the handle AIPAC, that also had the same red-and-blue Jewish star as the profile picture.

COLORADO RESIDENTS vote in the US midterm elections last week

US midterm elections: How Jewish candidates did in key midterm races

Who are the winners and losers of the US midterm elections? From the Jewish candidates to the Republicans and Democrats backed by AIPAC and J Street.

Summer Lee, progressive opposed by AIPAC funding, appears to win Penn. House seat

AIPAC has said progressive Democrat Summer Lee held “dangerous views of the US-Israel alliance.”


AIPAC-allied PAC spends more than $1 million to oppose progressive Summer Lee

A political action committee affiliated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is spending upwards of $1 million in a second bid to oppose Summer Lee.


US philanthropist close to Netanyahu: What happened to Abraham Accords?

LA-based businessman claims diplomats from Muslim countries ask why Israel stopped investing in Abraham Accords


‘We must speak to the Zionist lobby’: Abbas urges Palestinian Americans to engage with AIPAC

Abbas’ endorsement of engagement with AIPAC is significant as calls from the left and pro-Palestinians to boycott the group grow louder.

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