Samar sand dunes, north of Eilat
Drug task force makes massive drug bust in Arava

Police seize 19.6 kg of cocaine, 43 kg of heroin valued at NIS 10 million, catch Beduin running contraband in Mazda 6 near Jordan.

Limmud session
A learning experience

In its fourth year, Limmud Arava – a two-day Jewish study program that attracts mostly secular participants – is still going strong.

OFER BEN-DAVID, construction site manager, new fac
Shikun u’Binui launches Arava solar thermal plant

Concentrated solar power facility launched by environment and infrastructure firm includes about 100 parabolic troughs.

AORA 'power flower' solar thermal power station
Israeli ‘power flower’ coming to US desert

A team of Americans plans to bring the solar tulip technology of Yavne-based AORA Solar to the sprawling Arizona desert.

ARAVA Int'l Center for Agricultural Training
Palestinians hope to learn desert farming in Arava

The Arava International Center for Agricultural Training hosts several hundred agricultural university students each year.

New solar field in Arava
Beginning to harness the desert’s light

The Top Environment story of 2011, according to JPost reader votes.

Date tree in Kibbutz Ketura
Medicinal date palm from oldest known seed planted

The tree, now 2.5-meters tall, was grown from a 2,000-year-old seed that archeologists found at a Masada dig in the 1960s.

Samar Sand Dunes
Save the Sands of Samar

For the price of a few rows of houses and a few richer land developers, Israel risks losing a small, rare gem of nature supporting a unique array of sand-adapted flora and fauna.

Samara sand dunes protest
Green groups seek to block mining in Samar sand dunes

Contractors intended to begin mining in Arava Desert's Samar sand dunes; green groups SPNI, INPA, Sabab'a move in to prevent project from starting.

Kibbutz Ketura's solar field
Ketura Sun gets first license for medium solar field

Officially launched last June, the 4.95-megawatt, NIS 80 million Ketura Sun field stands on an 80- dunam piece of land.

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