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Why do men and women have different temperature preferences? - study

A new study finds that men prefer cooler temperatures than women because of an evolutionary phenomenon that segregates males from females in periods that they don't need each other.

Horseshoe bat coronaviruses related to COVID virus - study

Researchers looked for viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 and found three among bats living in Laotian caves that had receptor binding domains closely resembling those found in the virus.

Fruit bats enjoy the abundance Tel Aviv has to offer - study

The researchers found that bats, like humans, enjoy the diversity of food in Tel Aviv, many of them living in the country and foraging in the vast city.

COVID-19 not connected to bats, Israeli biologists say

Researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Bat Lab attempt to rehabilitate winged creature’s much-maligned public image


Swiss bats host 39 virus families, some could infect humans - study

The researchers found one bat colony with a nearly complete genome for the virus that causes MERS, an infectious disease that can be transmitted to humans and for which there is no vaccine.


'Bats without Wings': A tour-de-force performance - theater review

Daniel Zehavi in a tour de force that fuses Greek tragedy with the poetic brilliance of Nisim Aloni

Fruit bats practice social distancing too

Tel Aviv University study that shows sick bats self-isolate could have far-reaching implications for origins of COVID-19.


Israeli scientists use bats to uncover neural code for spatial perception

The team's innovative experiment required the building a 200-meter-long "bat tunnel" – an elongated opaque greenhouse of sorts – on the Weizmann Institute campus, the first of its kind in the world

Bats 'know' the speed of sound from birth, TAU researchers say

What would the world look like if space was mapped not by distance, but by time?

Fireflies use invisible 'musical armor' against bats, study suggests

Because the sounds are ultrasonic, they cannot be detected by either humans or fireflies themselves.

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