China's 'Bat woman' says future pandemics likely unless measures are taken

'These viruses exist in nature, whether we admit it or not. If we don't study, there will be possibly another outbreak, and we wouldn't know them.'

Torah scroll from synagogue of Biella (Piedmont), Museum of Italian Judaism and Holocaust.
Could the Bible’s prohibition on eating bats have prevented coronavirus?

I recognize that by the standards of modern PC etiquette, we’re not meant to pass judgment on another culture’s eating habits.

Fruit Bats
Scientists discover 6 new types of coronavirus in bats

“We need to be building the wildlife resources and the capacity to do wildlife testing and wildlife surveillance ahead of the curve.”

An Egyptian fruit bat mother leaving the cave with its pup
TAU research proves Egyptian fruit bats trade food for sex

Female fruit bats have sex with the male fruit bat that consistently provides them with food.

Israeli researchers develop bat-like 'robat'

The "Robat" uses a biological bat-like acoustic approach to navigate, emitting sounds and extracting information from the returning echoes to map its novel surroundings.

BATS FLY in a cave near Tel Aviv in July 2012. Israeli scientists are researching how the winged mam
Israeli bat researchers map the brain’s social landscape

Bats, being social animals. must be aware of their fellows when they fly.

First-ever case of 'cave disease' diagnosed in the Middle East

Symptoms vary, and in people with normal immune systems, it usually passes by itself.

Tel Aviv University researchers: Bats learn 'dialects' from their nest-mates

Young bats from the age of six months adopt a specific "dialect" spoken by their own colonies.

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