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Black Hebrew Israelites and antisemitism: Beliefs, how to stop them

As one of the few Jews to debate some of the most vocal Black Hebrew Israelite leaders and spokesmen, I think I have a perspective that should be heard.

anti israel campus

Rudy Rochman: 'There's some truth' to Kyrie Irving-shared antisemitic documentary

Rochman later posted a video clarifying his position, saying that antisemitism and violence from Black Hebrew Israelite groups must be condemned.

How many Hebrew Israelites are there, and how worried should Jews be?

Demonstrators felt it was necessary to tell the Jews they had some competition.


Terrorism in Jerusalem, antisemitism in New York

The Jerusalem Post Podcast with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov.

'We are the real Jews:' 100s of Black Hebrews march in New York City

The "Post' obtained a pair of flyers distributed by BHI movement followers outside the stadium, which claim to share the truth about antisemitism and slavery.

Thanksgiving: Pilgrims' antisemitism inherited by Kanye, Kyrie - opinion

Known as Replacement Theology, this hostile belief arrived on the shores of the New World with the Puritans and cast a dark shadow over the first Thanksgiving.


Antisemitic books from Kyrie Irving scandal removed from Barnes & Noble

Activists had been calling on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other booksellers to remove "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America" from their platforms.

Antisemitic book from Kyrie Irving scandal a bestseller on Amazon, Apple

The Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America series promotes the conspiracy theory that Jewish people are imposters who stole the heritage of black people.

'Fight antisemitism:' Protestors heckle Kyrie Irving at Nets game

According to the New York Post, the group heckled Irving throughout the game, and in return, he gave them a thumbs up and said he was "thankful for you guys." 

NBA star Kyrie Irving denies promoting antisemitic book

Kyrie Irving has a history of holding views that are considered to be unsubstantiated conspiracy theories or are otherwise scientifically incorrect.

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