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'Golden blood' - only 43 people in the world have this rare blood type

If you have type AB blood and you are used to hearing how rare it is, you will be surprised to hear that there is one type even rarer. So what are we talking about?


People with this blood type have a greater chance of having a stroke

Our blood type is genetically determined, and throughout life this has several implications. Now, new research shows that there’s a connection between blood type, and the risk of having a stroke.

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Your blood type could increase your risk for a stroke before age 60

New research shows that people with blood type A might be more likely to have an early onset stroke than blood type O.

Test tubes, taken by a health care worker, with plasma and blood samples after a separation process

Blood types: What are blood types and what do they mean? - explainer

Your blood type is determined by several factors and is important in helping you get a blood transfusion if necessary. Here is everything you need to know.

Test tubes, taken by a health care worker, with plasma and blood samples after a separation process

What Makes Type O Blood the Most Common?

Although there seems to be no apparent evolutionary advantage for one blood group over another, their distribution is markedly uneven. How did one blood group become more prevalent than others?

  Magen David Adom presents at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference

MDA shares ‘out-of-the-box’ COVID blood donation solution 

Magen David Adom has been responsible for all of Israel’s blood supply, including for the IDF, since 1950.

MDA mobile blood donation units

MDA calls for people to donate blood amid Rh-negative shortage

Magen David Adom is suffering from a lack of A-, B- and O- blood types, which are essential for saving lives.

MDA mobile blood donation units

MDA appeal for public help due to shortage of rare blood types

Only an estimated 15% of people in Israel have the required blood types, which are all rare, and MDA are appealing for those who can, to donate as soon as possible.

Members of the Assadi family with the certificate of appreciation and representatives of the medical

Blood drive campaign gives boy with rare blood disease a fighting chance

10-year-old Omar is sick with a rare blood disease, and also has a rare blood type. His parents organized a blood drive that significantly increased his chances.

Blood Test

Coronavirus: Type-A blood at higher risk of catching virus - study

Type-A blood creates a "sticky" environment in the respiratory system, which can make it easier for the virus to infect.

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