Inside the super-secure Swiss lab trying to stop the next pandemic

Spiez Lab's exterior provides no hint of the high-stakes work inside, its angular architecture resembles European university buildings erected in the 1970s.


Link between processed meat and colon cancer found, say French health authorities

The French ANSES confirmed that nitrates and nitrites in pork and other processed meat products, such as sausages, increase the risk of colon cancer.

By Walla!
Palestinian man packs cherry tomatoes at a farm in Tubas, in the West Bank

Link between soil pollution and heart disease identified in new study

Soil pollution is defined as contamination of soil at higher than normal concentrations by waste materials of human origin that have adverse effects on human and ecosystem health.

1,500-year-old jugs reveal how Romans kept their wine full of flavor -study

While the existence and importance of wine are well known to scholars, exactly how ancient Romans kept their wine safe and full of flavor was yet unknown.

3 people rescued after large fire breaks out in facility in Haifa

A number of explosions were heard as the fire spread in the facility.

Six burned to death after blast at Indian chemical plant

The blast on Sunday night took place in a hub for chemical and petrochemical manufacturing units at the state's Dahej industrial estate.


Fire at industrial zone in Jordan Valley under control - police

Residents in the area were instructed to remain indoors due to fears of chemical air pollution.

Greeneye Technology by JVP raises $22 for AI precision spraying system

Each year, farmers worldwide apply millions of gallons of herbicides – the vast majority of which are wastefully sprayed onto bare soil or the crop.

Fire breaks out on ZIM container ship off the coast of Canada

40 containers of mining chemicals had fallen overboard, posing a significant risk to mariners.

Sonovia's water-resistant fabric

Israeli company achieves breakthrough in non-toxic waterproof fabrics

The experiment results indicated that Sonovia's ultrasound tech brought the fabrics to level 100 water resistance, the highest possible level, for each fabric sample tested.

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