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Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yosef's words are an insult to IDF soldiers risking their lives

The threat of a mass departure by the haredim may not be an empty threat and it should not be acceptable.

The Chief Rabbi's comments: Tone deaf and damaging - comment

Today, there is a strong sense that if people want to leave, they should go -- no one is keeping them here. 


Israeli government officials slam chief rabbi's threat of haredi exodus

Yair Lapid lambasted the chief rabbi’s remarks on Sunday, stating, “Rabbi Yosef's words are an insult and disgrace to the IDF soldiers who risk their lives to defend the country."

Sperm from 91 fallen soldiers retrieved, bill to allow use awaiting Knesset approval

The Knesset's health committee discussed the law on using the sperm of a deceased person, with Wednesday being the 12th session on this topic.


Rabbi Sacks’s daughter in an emotional video: “Despair is not a Jewish emotion"

In a heartfelt address, Sacks reflected on the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and pondered what her father would have said about the ongoing challenges.


Russian Chief Rabbi Lazar addresses Putin: 'No peace with terrorists'

Recalling the 80th anniversary of the Sobibor Nazi extermination camp uprising, Rabbi Lazar stressed the importance of resisting evil without compromise.


Israel's chief rabbi: Secular Jews have lower intelligence, are jealous of haredim

"They do not find satisfaction in life; everything is driven by the desires of this world," Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said.

Court demands answers on chief rabbi's hate speech against LGBTQ, Reform Jews

The Jerusalem chief rabbi has blamed earthquakes on LGBTQ people and called Reform Jews "evil people."

50 Influential Jews: Sir Ephraim Mirvis - No. 31

The successor to the late Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, South Africa-born UK Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis has been the leader of British Jewry for 10 years.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' avatar is teaching Israeli students in Hebrew

In the coming months, students will engage with the core teachings of Sacks, encompassing topics like Jewish identity, gratitude in prayer, and the broader purpose of life.

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