Chili Tropper

Fireworks, PTSD and solidarity - editorial

This year, a decision by Sports and Culture Minister Chili Tropper to scrap the traditional fireworks at the Mount Herzl ceremony has caused much debate.

Israeli singer Rita chosen as torch-bearer for Independence Day ceremony

Rita was born in Tehran and immigrated to Israeli when she was eight. She has performed on Israeli stages for more than 30 years.


Israel to invest NIS 3 billion in sports infrastructure in periphery

The program will heavily focus on bridging the sports infrastructure gap between Israeli minority groups and the broad population.

Founder of Shalva, parents of Shira Banki to light Independence Day torches

The chosen candidates will light torches at the 74th Independence Day ceremony at Mount Herzl.


Grapevine April 10, 2022: Reducing the gap

Residents of the Protea Hills retirement village in Shoresh, just outside Jerusalem, have a charity fund whose subcommittee has little trouble in getting fellow residents to perform a mitzvah.

Bennett's gov't bent on legalizing Evyatar outpost, Minister says

A deal struck to legalize the yeshiva was born from a defense concern: The government didn't want to see a violent repeat of Amona.

A TORCH burns on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, 2017

Gabriela Sztrigler Lew to be Israel’s 73rd Independence Day torchbearer

"As a Jewish woman, it means the world to me to be part of an emergency response team. Since I was little, I always dreamed of making a change in the world," she said.

A TORCH burns on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, 2017

IDF Maj. known as 'Lego Guy' chosen to light Independence Day torch

Maj. Maor Cohen received his unique nickname for his extensive volunteering with children with cancer.

Israel Elections: Chili Tropper - The nice guy determined to last

Blue and White minister says he still believes there is a place in the Knesset for the party as a “statesmanlike, moderate, responsible, honest, unhating party that puts the country first.”


Israel Elections: Yoaz Hendel, Chili Tropper and the failed 'mountain miracle'

“The government fell apart because there was no shul where Chili and I could talk in Ness Harim.”

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