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How does the IDF use cyber defense systems against Hamas threats?

The mission of the IDF's cyber section is, using advanced technological tools, to research and characterize cyber targets posing a threat to the IDF and Israel.

Top US pipeline operator shuts major fuel line after cyber attack

The company has engaged a third-party cybersecurity firm to launch an investigation, and Colonial has contacted law enforcement and other federal agencies, it said.


Stopping SolarWinds’ style mega hacks, but preserving democracy - analysis

Until the hoped-for leap forwards in cyberdefense happen, government officials seem mainly interested in developing a culture of cooperation.

People pose in front of a display showing the word 'cyber' in binary code, in this picture illustrat

Israel's cyber authority incentivizes greater defense mechanisms

The trend of companies placing more and more of their critical information in the digital sphere spiked during the coronavirus era and continues to jump.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a televised speech in Tehran, Iran March 11, 2

Israel needs to stop the chatter about secret operations - editorial

Although Israel did not officially accept responsibility, the military censor took the unusual step of imposing no censorship restrictions on local media.

File photo of a Microsoft logo on an office building in New York

Israel cyber authority warns users about Microsoft hack vulnerability

Microsoft has defined the vulnerabilities as "grave and easily exploitable."

Israeli defense company looks to AI as game-changer in space and weapons

Israel Aerospace Industries is not the only defense company in Israel that has recognized the growing importance of AI in the future battlefield.

Ex-NSA chief: No idea how badly SolarWinds hack harmed security

NSA Cyber Chief Anne Neuberger, an Orthodox Jewish woman, has been assigned as the government's "lead person” to investigate the incident.

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