Lockbit cybercrime gang says it is back online following global police bust

The new Lockbit darkweb site showed a gallery of company names, each attached to a countdown clock marking the deadline within which that company was required to pay ransom.

Iranian warships are seen during a joint naval exercise with Russian navy in the Indian Ocean, Iran

US carries out cyberattack on Iranian warship in Red Sea

The US operation was meant to inhibit the Iranian ship’s ability to share intelligence with Houthi militants in Yemen.


US imposes fresh sanctions over Iranian arms, cyber activity

The sanctions, announced in separate statements, represent Washington's latest efforts to punish Tehran, whose proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Gaza have attacked US and Israeli targets.


Israeli civil servants' personal data latest casualty in Iranian cyber-war - report

Iran and Israel continue to wage a cyberwar in the shadows as a court orders the end of a gag order on the leak.

Israeli cyber frontlines: Inside the digital warfare of the war with Hamas - Analysis

What we learned from helping Israeli companies handle wartime cyber-attacks.

 An illustrative image of a person at a computer surrounded by code, indicating hacking or cyberatta

Israeli CEO recruits Muslim hackers to fight Hamas in cyberwarfare

Doron Amir, CEO of CyTaka, successfully recruited hackers from Muslim countries to combat Hamas. In this interview, he explains their motivations.

Generative AI sees spike in extremists propaganda use amidst Israel-Hamas war

Adam Hadley, the executive director of Tech Against Terrorism explained that there has been a sudden surge in such AI generated content, particularly surrounding the Israel-Hamas War since October 7.

Israeli cyber group claims: We hacked Iranian oil infrastructure systems

They explained that these are systems that provide communication and internet infrastructure to many citizens, including Hezbollah's computer systems.

How to defend yourself against Hamas’s cyberwarfare

Cyber safety expert Dr. Amir Gefen elaborates on the best practices to keep yourself safe against enemy cyber offensives.


23andMe sued after Ashkenazi Jews’ user data is stolen and sold in targeted attack

The hacker from the initial leak offered to sell data profiles in bulk for $1 to $10 per account.

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