egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall

Original Women of the Wall: Fighting for women to pray at the Kotel

While some consider women’s group prayer proscribed in Jewish law, Original Women of the Wall demonstrates that with respect and tolerance, all Jewish women can practice according to their custom.

By Cheryl Birkner Mack

5 ways Itamar Ben-Gvir hopes to change Jewish life in Israel

What exactly does Itamar Ben-Gvir have planned for Israel according to his view of Judaism? Here are five of the core goals that he hopes to achieve.


Israel must stop Western Wall violence that desecrates God's name

Israeli leaders need to decide what kind of country they want to be – a Jewish state that respects all streams of Judaism, or one that tolerates behavior that constitutes a desecration of God’s name.


Australian Jewish community joins the demand from Lapid to secure Kotel

"The Government must ensure that police protection is provided to ensure freedom of worship at the Kotel."


Israel's gov't to preserve Western Wall's Orthodox character - Silman

Coalition Chairwoman Idit Silman: "Yes, there is a minority [of support for the compromise] and it is our role to make sure that its voice isn't strong and significant and that it does not prevail."


When wearing a kippah in Jerusalem is dangerous - opinion

This is Jerusalem, my hometown, where you should be safe wearing whatever head covering you desire.

The Western Wall must be for all Jews

Today, after many years of struggle, there is a space for egalitarian prayer at the Kotel, but it is separate and unequal.


Orthodox Jewish umbrella org. opposes conversion reform, Kotel deal

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett listened attentively to the words of the representatives of the organizations and agreed to continue the dialogue on the various issues.


Orthodox politicians celebrate Bennett decision to stop Kotel deal

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he did not advance the Kotel plan due to opposition to it within the Yamina faction.


Pluralists outraged over Bennett ruling out Kotel deal

PM's broken promise called "strategic ticking time bomb that will harm relations between Israel and world Jewry."

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