egypt and israel border

Senior IDF officers meet with Egyptian counterparts

With close ties between the two militaries, Cairo and Jerusalem have been reported by foreign press to have been closely cooperating in the Sinai peninsula in the fight against ISIS and smugglers.

These women are the first IDF tank crew preventing drug smuggling along Egyptian border

Meet the 10 women making history operation Israel's first female tank crew along the Egyptian border, preventing drug smuggling.

Eight peacekeepers killed in military helicopter crash in Sinai

Israel Air Force's search-and-rescue unit reportedly evacuated one person in critical condition to Soroka hospital in Beersheba.

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

Whose freedom, President Sisi?

If the military-backed government had succeeded in getting its view of freedom into the brains of all, or even most, Egyptians, then they could simply take freedom as they define it for granted.

Taba crossing

‘Premature’ report that Israel will reopen Alexandria consulate sparks anger

Egyptian lawmaker: Cairo should pressure Israel, not reopen consulates.


Egypt gassed tunnelers, Israel wouldn’t. Why the double standard?

Were Israel to use Egyptian methods, it would presumably face a wave of global criticism as it does nearly any time it uses force. Why the double-standard?

Israelis back to vacationing in Sinai: How safe is it really?

Despite travel advisories and the threat of terrorist attacks by ISIS, Israelis have gone back in droves to vacationing in Sinai.

Sinai terrorism

Egyptian army believes ISIS using SIM cards from Israeli phone company

The Egyptian army has decided to combat this phenomenon by knocking out Israel's cellular networks in the region.


Egypt increases number of soldiers in Sinai, with Israel's blessing

Major General Mohammed el-Shahat revealed the exact number of Egyptian soldiers meant to combat ISIS.

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