Face mask

Face masks are protective medical wear that help the wearer avoid infection from diseases or harmful materials. They prevent accidental ingestion or inhaling of fluids containing diseases by blocking vulnerable orifices or use materials that are antiviral or antibacterial.

Face masks were largely reserved for use by medical personal in the West, but were commonly utilized by the general population in East Asia to prevent the spread of disease.  

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, masking in public spaces became mandated by many governments or was issued as an advisory by health authorities. 

The effectiveness of face masks depends on the material, type of mask, and proper use of the mask. New masks have been developed to reduced the spread of COVID-19, while some authorities have advised double masking in order to increase face mask effectiveness. Some have met the idea of mask mandates with ferociousness, arguing that being forced to wear the masks is a violation of rights.

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Israel supplied with faulty COVID-19 masks, legal document shows

According to the counterclaim, MGM and TAR committed to providing anti-coronavirus masks meeting specific parameters specified in a public tender bidding process which they won.

Residents wearing face masks queue for nucleic acid testings in Wuhan, the Chinese city hit hardest

New Chinese research suggests using masks leads people to behave ethically

The research conducted across 10 studies focused on deviant behavior demonstrates that masks cause people to be less likely to behave poorly than those who weren't wearing them.

COVID-19 masks: Still difficult to recognize faces - Israeli study

COVID-19 face masks make it difficult to recognize faces, even after prolonged exposure, according to Israeli/Canadian study.

COVID-19 isolation and compulsory masks should be canceled - Ichilov CEO

Isolation is still compulsory for people who test positive for COVID-19, and masks have to be worn in medical and welfare institutions.

CDC no longer recommends students quarantine for COVID-19 exposures in US

The US CDC no longer recommends quarantine for students exposed to COVID-19.


Masking emotions? People can communicate despite face masks - study

This research suggests that the impact of masks on emotion recognition may not be as pronounced as previously thought, as long as the whole body is also visible.

COVID-19: Israel's health minister recommends wearing masks indoors

“We are now seeing a recurring rise in infection and serious cases.," Nitzan Horowitz said and recommended that people, especially those at-risk, wear masks.

What we don't know about the next COVID-19 wave

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Major guidelines, such as masks on planes or testing to travel, may have been canceled, but we wonder when the government – here or elsewhere – will grasp at these guidelines again.

United Hatzalah paramedics practice CPR on a volunteer.

Mouth-to-mouth CPR effective while wearing face mask - study

A Czech study found that mouth-to-mouth ventilation through a breathable respirator was effective more than 90% of the time during the pandemic.

COVID-19: How to cope with 'pandemilash' amid lifting measures - opinion

Nearly 4,000 tourists caught COVID while in Israel. How will we stop future spreads without testing?

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