Face mask

Bill proposes giving free masks to all Israelis

There is precedent for distributing masks in Israel. When there was a chemical threat to Israel, all Israeli citizens were given gas masks.

Israel Police enforce coronavirus regulations in Jerusalem
Only 45% of coronavirus fines were paid on time

According to Israeli law, fines are due to be paid within 90 days from the moment they were issued.

Gap Israel
Gap Inc. reports revenue of $130 million in face mask sales amid COVID-19

While sales in shops fell by a staggering 48%, online sales skyrocketed by 95%.

Jewish family kicked off JetBlue flight over unmasked toddler – WATCH

JetBlue policy exempted small children from wearing masks if they are unable to maintain a face covering, but this policy was updated on August 10.

The stories behind the pink bandanas and the protests at Balfour

What is the meaning of this piece of fabric and how is it becoming the visual representation of these protests?

Could masks be the key to solving the coronavirus economic crisis?

Giving away masks that offer sufficient protection could be the solution for opening up the economy.

Israeli-developed sticker that enhances mask protection is mass produced

Comprised of a nanofiber sheet, the 'Maya' sticker can be stuck on a protective mask, significantly improving its effectiveness against the coronavirus.

A mask is produced on Israel's first production line for N95 masks
Retired inventor of N95 mask may be hero of coronavirus outbreak

US-Taiwanese university professor who helped inventing the N95 mask, was called in to find a quick and effective way to sterilize his invention, used by doctors and nurses fighting the coronavirus.

English doctor runs 22 miles in face mask to advocate its safety

Lawton ran eight miles to work and, following his shift, he ran another 14. While notably uncomfortable, he stated his oxygen levels did not waver.

Israeli plastic surgeons: Mask-wearing does not cause ear protrusions

The surgeons explain that the ear canal stops developing at age 6 and therefore there is no reason for "its structure to change following the pressure of a rubber band or lanyard."

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