First Lebanon War

Israel to provide housing grants to South Lebanon Army veterans

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman: “We will always remember the fighting of the SLA fighters side by side with the IDF fighters.”

First Lebanon War, 1982: A turning point for Israel

At this moment of birth, fraught as are all such moments, many of the core elements that form the current Israeli landscape, politically, militarily and societally, came into being.

Tales from the front of the First Lebanon War

A combat veteran from the First Lebanon War, recalls his treacherous military service in Beirut


First Lebanon War still resonates in Israel 40 years later

While the war was not a military failure, it was a trauma: “This was the first time that a big part of the nation did not see the war as justified.”


Following in the wings of his grandfather: A young pilot's journey

“My grandfather was a pilot, but we didn’t really ever talk about it,” B told The Jerusalem Post ahead of the ceremony at Haterzim Air Base on Thursday night. “My grandfather flew a long time ago."

Israel's Lebanon trauma still lingers 40 years on

Israel never really recovered from that misadventure. Neither did I.


First Lebanon War: Has Israel's trauma been healed?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: 40 years after Israel's most failed war, its leaders seem to have learned its lessons - except one lesson, and one leader.

My Word: When war gets personal

The First Lebanon War was “My War.” It is never a good thing when you have to number wars.

Almost 20% of Lebanon War vets suffer from PTSD symptoms - survey

89% of First Lebanon War veterans have never sought help for their mental health issues.

Jerusalem highlights May 27 – June 2

What's new to do in Israel's capital?

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