freedom of religion in israel

Israel's issues on religion and state – return to status quo or a new era?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Since we don’t yet know what the government will do, what are the most dramatic clauses in the agreements, taken at face value?

Override Clause will erode Israel's democracy, castrate Supreme Court - opinion

This policy is intended to bring Israel closer to the model of a Torah state and distance it from the Declaration of Independence’s promise of religious freedom and equality.


Israel's struggle for religious freedom in a Jewish theocracy

The struggle for religious pluralism in general in Israel is not a hot item politically – only when a certain powerful minority can wag the dogs of the party in power.


Majority of Israelis wish to see budget for diverse Jewish cultural events

A majority of the Jewish public in Israel believes that there should be more accommodation for the diversity of identities and traditions in Israeli society.


Board of Deputies of British Jews criticizes WZO over Kotel violence

Women of the Wall are demanding that Yaakov Hagoel, chairman of the World Zionist Organization and acting chairman of the Jewish Agency, take responsibility and apologize for violence that ensued.

  Sea of Galilee

Israel’s democracy: Refuge for Christians in Middle East

Opinion: "Christians have been able to take pilgrimages to countless religious sites in every corner of Israeli territory," writes Rev. Johnnie Moore.

By Rev. Johnnie Moore

Pluralists outraged over Bennett ruling out Kotel deal

PM's broken promise called "strategic ticking time bomb that will harm relations between Israel and world Jewry."


Current Israeli gov’t unlikely to approve Kotel deal - Bennett tells 'Post'

We knew in advance that we cannot advance everything. We will only act with consensus."

Ultra-Orthodox histrionics over religion, state may backfire - analysis

Both ultra-Orthodox parties have denounced the government as “treif," have accused Bennett of being “a con artist” and repeatedly denounced the government for "destroying Judaism."

Kashrut certificate in Jerusalem, July 21, 2021.

Jerusalem restaurants excited for potential new kashrut rules

“When you don’t have competition, I think it’s bad for business,” Crave co-owner Tzvi Maller said, speaking about the potential kashrut trust-bust proposed in the Knesset on Tuesday.

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