MK Yoav Kisch of the Likud speaks to supporters on Gideon Saar's Likud leadership campaign opening e

Raising Orthodox budget is 'main task’ for Education Ministry

Israeli MKs, many of whom have been opposed to the religious sector of Israel’s newest coalition government, rallied against Kisch’s comments.

Tel Aviv restaurant removes kosher certificate in protest against new gov't

"I fund the ultra-Orthodox indirectly through the taxes I pay and I don't want to fund them directly as well," said the Tel Aviv restaurant owner.


Israel could make haredi seminary girls unlicensed, untrained therapists - opinion

No sane person would trust a doctor who took a crash course to perform open heart surgery on a loved one, so why would anyone trust a therapist with a CliffsNotes education?


Police, haredim clash amid non-kosher phone riot in Jerusalem

What began as a demonstration quickly descended into chaos as rioters attempted to damage the cellphone store and attacked police officers.

Will haredim destroy Israeli democracy?

The rapid growth of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) population and resultant expansion of haredi political power might eviscerate Israel’s democratic nature.


Israel is broken - but cantonizing it can fix it - opinion

Can we still fight the disenfranchisement that spews from the mouths of our newly elected representatives, or should we throw in the towel and start over somewhere else?


Israel's democracy is under threat from messianic forces in gov't

Benjamin Netanyahu has empowered messianic forces for whom the democratic Israel envisaged by the Zionist forefathers is anathema.


Arye Deri begins battle against obesity after nixing soda tax

Health Minister Deri ordered the rapid implementation of a number of steps meant to combat obesity and diabetes.

Haredi rabbi slams Smotrich for reducing soda tax

"These fools. This donkey is lowering the tax on sugary drinks. Moron. Our country is number one in diabetic amputations. Over 10% of the population."

UTJ's Gafni slams Ben-Gvir, says Temple Mount visit was 'a violation of Jewish law'

Ben-Gvir responded to Gafni's accusations by saying that he should find it "inappropriate to preach morals."

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