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Bracing for long distance learning in Israeli higher learning institutes

EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS: Institutions of higher learning and students are bracing for another semester of socially distanced intercourse.

Day care initiative for health care workers during lockdown begins again

Under the operation "Lev Poem," at least 30 day camps, staffed by 500 volunteers, have been set up at hospitals throughout the country.


Survey: 47% of youth believe higher education is important

25% of the respondents believe that that university will enable them to earn more money and receive a higher salary.

Haredi men walk through Mea Shearim, Jerusalem

How can Israel boost haredi higher education?

On My Mind: Only 9% of haredi men and 12% of women studied in higher education.

University entrance exams canceled mid-testing period due to coronavirus

The announcement comes amid new Health Ministry regulations released on Saturday prohibiting exams take place on university campuses across the country.

THE MODEL of higher education will have to change’: Tel Aviv University students relax (in a decidel

Higher education exams will be taken online starting Sunday

Starting Sunday, students will be able to take exams online, after it seemed like universities would be ignoring the new coronavirus restrictions and forcing students to come to campus.

Israeli college launches ‘world's first’ digital health degree

The new program promises to educate hundreds of undergraduate students in digital health technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, remote medicine and robotics.


George Washington University appoints BDS supporter as interim dean

Feldman once participated in an unsuccessful attempt to have the American Anthropological Association (AAA) boycott Israeli academic institutions.


Israel's students protest against Council for Higher Education policy

Many students have gathered in this protest to express their dissatisfaction with the decision maker's choices, feeling that they are the first to have been let off but the last to be rehired.

Students from University of Haifa's Innovation Hub hard at work conducting research for their projec

Israeli universities, colleges to partially reopen this week

While remote learning will continue for students in most higher education institutions, the CHE said groups of up to 15 students will be permitted in some circumstances.

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