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A woman walks past the mural showing U.S. flag with barbed wire and the Statue Of Liberty with skull

Sentence for father who murdered daughter provokes outrage in Iran

14-year-old Romina Ashrafi was beheaded by her father in May, after she attempted to elope with an older man.

Iran's Khamenei: Women in Western cultures are living in 'captivity'

Iran's Supreme Leader claims that women in Western cultures must "expose" themselves to men as a "source of pleasure."

'Look beyond the veil,' says Israel's first hijab-wearing lawmaker

Iman Yassin Khatib, 55, won a place on the Joint List coalition's slate of 15 seats in the 120-member Knesset.


Iranian chess master: Hijab 'limits' women instead of 'protecting' them

Hejazipour added that the hijab serves as lucid representation of a set of beliefs that designate women as "the second sex."

Rights groups challenge anti-kippah, hijab law in Quebec

"The fact that a person wearing a kippa can't become a teacher in Quebec in 2019 is a disgrace to this province's proud tradition of defending its fundamental freedoms."

Iranian clergyman scolds women for walking dog, gets hit by car

Abolhassan Kayhani, from the western Hamadan province, reproached the women for walking their dog in a park that was near his home.

Muslim woman

HS student from Ohio disqualified from cross country run for wearing hijab

Abukaram noticed that she was disqualified from the match after she crossed the finish line and did not see her name listed on the board.

An Iranian woman adjusts her hijab as she stands in front of a portrait of Iran's Supreme Leader

Iranian doctor sentenced to deliver babies for free

The gynecologist was also sentenced to compile a report to encourage Iranian female physicians to respect the Islamic dress code.

Yasmine Mohammed

Ex-Muslim to ‘Post’: Trying to teach ‘naive West’ about true nature of Islam

“In Muslim communities, the word for Jew is not only used as a pejorative, it is used as a curse word. It is a hate that permeates so much so that it is invisible: It is just accepted."


U.N. experts condemn jail terms for compulsory hijab protest

"[They] peacefully protested against Iran’s compulsory veiling laws and advocated for a woman’s right to choose whether or not to wear the hijab."

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