'Step by step, the regime will lose control’: An interview with an Iranian revolutionary

BEHIND THE LINES: Kawthar Fatahi, 33, a former teacher from in Iran’s Western Azerbaijan Province, is now a leading activist and organizer for the Iranian Kurdish Komala Party.

Iran reviewing mandatory hijab law - report

The women of Iran have been legally required to adhere to Muslim modesty laws, loose clothing and covered hair, since 1981, two years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

'Women, life, freedom:' Defying Taliban, Afghan women remove burkas

The women, who were wearing headscarves, were being blocked from entering Badakhshan University for not wearing burkas.


WATCH: This is the education that Iranian girls are forced into

Schoolchildren in Iran recently took to protesting pro-government material in school, ripping up textbooks and stomping on them.

Boston councilor proposes official 'Hijab Day' on Mahsa Amini's birthday

Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson drew a connection between Amini's death at the hands of the morality to police to the rise of Islamophobia in the US.

Iranian female rock climber returns from Seoul after hijab controversy

Elnaz Rekabi, the first Iranian woman to win a medal at IFSC World Championships, was initially feared to be missing after competing in South Korea without a hijab.


Who are Iran's morality police, who killed Mahsa Amini?- explainer

The morality police, attached to Iranian law enforcement, are mandated to ensure the respect of Islamic morals as described by the Islamic Republic's top clerical authorities.


Hackers claim to reveal identities of cops who arrested Mahsa Amini

The 3ackd0or hacker group revealed what it said was the personal information and photos of the officers who beat Mahsa Amini.

Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden reacts during a televi

Is Biden going to hinder the hijab revolution? - opinion

The only thing “very clear” is that America intends to bolster the regime in Tehran at the expense of the Iranian people.


More can be done to support the Iranian protests against strict Islamic laws - editorial

This is an opportunity for the civilized world to stand together and show Iranians that they do not stand alone in their quest for freedom against the brutal regime that oppresses them.

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