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Here's how social stress can affect how the immune system ages – study

This is the first time such detailed information about immune cells has been collected in a large national survey.


Exercise boosts immune response to pancreatic cancer - study

A peer-reviewed study highlights how the immune system can identify cancer cells.

Israeli researchers find potential answer to deadly autoimmune disease

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers, in collaboration with Hadassah and Rambam physicians, found a breakthrough in autoimmune disorder research by collecting skin samples.

Red blood cells (illustrative)

Researchers re-model red blood cells to trigger immunization to COVID-19

New treatments are critical for controlling the pandemic and preparing for future outbreaks as the coronavirus continues to evolve and mutate.

How the immune system sets priorities - study

When a person contracts one pathogen shortly after contracting another, innate and adaptive immunity must both go to work simultaneously.

New highly virulent HIV variant highlights need for early detection

A new HIV variant impacts the immune system twice as quickly as other variants, making early detection and treatment key factors.

Human brain

Blocking immune system molecule in mice may help prevent disabilities after brain injury - study

Traumatic brain injury affects 69 million people worldwide per year and is a leading cause of disability in children and adults.


Can your brain make you sick? - Technion study

Researchers learned that the brain reacts to changes in the body by forming "representations of the immune system."

Israel’s Immunai to use $215 mil. investment to develop, test new drugs

Israeli-American biotech company Immunai is best known for its development of the world’s largest data atlas of clinically annotated single-cell immune data.

Israeli scientists discover how to reverse cell aging

A team of scientists has found why elderly people are more susceptible to COVID-19 and are working to reverse the aging process of the body’s immune system

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