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Cabinet approves program to rehabilitate convicted minors

75% of convicted minors who are released end up back in jail for other crimes within five years.


Minister Erdan announces decriminalization policy for cannabis use

Policy includes fines instead of criminal penalties for non-multiple repeat offenders.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Poll: Majority of Israelis do not believe Netanyahu innocent in criminal probes

Only 28% said that they do believe Netanyahu, while 18% said they did not know.

Crime scene [illustrative]

Israeli-Arab mother shot dead in front of her children

Police don’t do enough to stop sharp increase in violence in Arab communities, NGO charges.

Investigation files Jerusalem

The Jerusalem files

Most crimes against property take place within residences (2,734), on the streets of the city (2,282) and in stores (766).

Crime scene [illustrative]

Man left critically wounded by gunfire as suspect eludes police capture twice

The shooter managed to get into his vehicle and escape, speeding off against traffic.

Israel Ambulance

Woman murdered hours after leaving battered women's shelter, manhunt underway for her ex

Though the investigation is still ongoing, police suspect that the 30-year-old woman’s ex-boyfriend murdered both victims before fleeing the scene.

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich‏

Police chief: We don't want to be like the US, with masses of people in prison

Police chief Alsheich lays out his plan to win back the public's faith in speech to Israel Bar Association.

Car bomb

State witness killed in northern Tel Aviv car bomb

Avner Maio was set to testify against eight members of organized crime family

Tahel Crisis Center

'Women in Israel live longer, better educated, but still earn less than men'

The Central Bureau of Statistics also found that the average number of children per woman in Israel stood at 3.08 - the highest in the OECD, which has an average of 1.7 children per woman.

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