israel housing prices

Israel to permit financing of apartment purchases in installments

Yaakov Kwint, director general of the Israel Land Authority: "The trend of falling apartment prices will continue in the coming months."


'Economic hell': High prices push Israelis to poverty, exile - opinion

Unlike the US or Canada, where there is abundant affordable property for rentals, Israel is overcrowded and expensive. Over the last 15 years, the price of homes in Israel went up by 8% annually.


Cause for concern? Over half of Israelis struggle to meet mortgage repayments

For young couples, the goal of buying an apartment is getting further and further away, and some are considering investing in real estate abroad.

Real estate market

Israel delays bill to freeze mortgage rates for first-time buyers

Gafni and Smotrich said they would meet with the banking regulator, which is part of the central bank, to come up with a solution for mortgage holders.


Netanyahu must keep promise to lower cost of living in Israel - editorial

Benjamin Netanyahu, the designated prime minister, said during his campaign that the cost of living would be one of the new government’s most important issues.

Incoming housing minister says he is unaware of housing crisis

Israel's presumptive next housing minister is hit with the realities of finding housing in Israel in the 2020s.

Housing prices soar in the short term; new housing starts signal future relief

More housing starts have been promoted by the government this year, which could lead to better prices in two to three years.

Will a new 64-floor rental apartment building solve Tel Aviv's housing crisis?

As the housing and renting market is burdening Israelis, the Tel Aviv Regional Planning Council is pushing for a new, radical solution.

Israel Elections: Israel has many issues, election campaigns avoid them

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Most of the candidates in Israel's elections are spending an inordinate amount of time on the unimportant, and barely talking about what genuinely matters


Israel’s inflation rate and Consumer Price Index both fell in August

The downward movement presents a glimmer of hope for Israelis, who have spent the last 12 months watching the country’s inflation rise by 5.2% since July of last year.

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