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Holocaust survivors to receive increase in compensation from Germany

There are some 200,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel. Tragically, around 50,000 of them live around or below the poverty line.

Volunteers at Leket Israel's logistics center
Israelis threw away 2.5 million tons of food in 2018 - Report

The majority of the wasted food was fruit and vegetables, with Israeli households wasting 23% of all food, compared to 28% in the United States and 19% in Europe.

Presenting the annual poverty report.
21.2% of Israeli population lives below the poverty line - new report

The report showed an increase in poverty among the elderly, despite a recent minimum wage increase.

Delegation participants from the Detroit-based Sue & Alan Jay Kaufman Family Teen Mission to Israel
Detroit teens volunteer to fight poverty in Israel

“There are so many people that need help.”

AN ISRAELI breastfeeds her baby in a buttercup field near Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on the Gaza border.
Small gifts – big results

This program is one of the hundreds offered by IFCJ that aims to fill the financial gaps in society.

The foundation of the Meir Panim nonpro t’s food services is its network of free restaurants in citi
Home-style food for the homeless and poor

Jerusalem is the poorest city in the country, according to a recent report by the Central Bureau of Statistics, with nearly half of the city’s residents living under the poverty line.

Taub report: Economic slowdown, high poverty and inequality in Israel in 2017

"A State of the Nation 2017," produced by the Taub Center, offers a snapshot of the socioeconomic condition of Israel in 2017.

State of Child report finds 1 in 3 children under poverty line in Israel

Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) for the bleak report.

A PASSERBY stops to console a poor woman in Jerusalem in 2015.
Taub: Inequalities in municipal welfare budgeting

The study also found that most of the gaps in per-client budget allocation can be explained by the different care frameworks for the needy.

Leket Volunteers Picking Produce for the Needy
National Food Bank CEO: NIS 8b. worth of edibles wasted annually

“We are throwing away good food people can eat and nobody is doing anything to fix it.”

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