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Will Israel stay a parliamentary democracy or become a dictatorship? - opinion

If an incumbent majority in an elected legislature that forms the government has absolute power to make any changes to the law it wants, it becomes a parliamentary dictatorship.


Israel's Right lied about the court, lust for despotic rule - opinion

Israel's legal system has managed to preserve our right to not be arrested in the middle of the night by an elected dictatorship’s political militia.


Yariv Levin, like Menachem Begin, can stop a Jewish civil war in Israel - analysis

Like his literal godfather Menachem Begin, Yariv Levin has the power to defuse a combustible situation that could conceivably lead to internecine violence in Israel.


Israeli retail executives urge gov't to find judicial reform compromise

The letter urged Israeli political leaders to approach a compromise regarding judicial reforms.

Israeli judicial reform bill will split into two, Yariv Levin confirms

The coalition will likely first focus on changing the makeup of the judicial appointments committee and limiting the High Court of Justice's power to strike down laws, according to a report.

Lapid: Israeli Knesset's 74th birthday may be its last

Benny Gantz condemned calls to take up arms and other inciting comments and encouraged the Israeli public instead to protest in every way that the law allows.

Incitement to violence against Israeli politicians must stop - editorial

Threatening a democratically elected leader represents a clear danger to the democratic nature of the country.

Basic Law for basic laws: Solving Israel's judicial reform dispute - opinion

Such a plan to solve the judicial crisis seizes the moral high ground by creating a system that is not only just but simple and stable.


Judicial reform could push hi-tech out of Israel - opinion

The legacy of today’s government will not only be the gutting of Israeli democracy, but the stunting of the hi-tech economy.

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