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Jerusalem violence puts Lapid-Bennett gov't in jeopardy amid Arab anger

"Al-Aqsa is a red line," Abbas warned on Saturday. "The aggression toward the holy site and its worshipers is unacceptable and offensive."


Top 10 challenges Lapid, Bennett face on the way to change

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett crossed a hurdle when the Yesh Atid leader inherited Netanyahu’s mandate, but there are still obstacles ahead


Lapid, Bennett need to form a unity government - editorial

Bennett and Lapid need to show the public that the premiership is not a goal in and of itself, but a means through which to promote the country.

Down with Deri: The Shas leader must be shamed out of politics - opinion

The Meron misfortune reflects a larger problem that Israel has with haredi politics, in which Arye Deri is a key culprit.

Seeing the news in Israel from the outside - opinion

How many more rockets, riots, elections and stampedes can someone endure?


Change in Israel might be coming with Bennett-Lapid government - opinion

There is no doubt that if this government comes together, it will be something never seen before in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjmain Netanyahu (L) and Ehud Olmert (R)

Netanyahu family sues ex-PM Ehud Olmert for defamation

The former prime minister had called current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 'mentally ill' * Suit demands NIS 837,000 in damages.

Yamina MKs vow not to rebel against Bennett after Chikli defection

After Lapid receives mandate, Netanyahu warns of "shameful attempt to build a left-wing government with votes of the Right."

Head of New Right party Naftali Bennett [L] and MK Ayelet Shaked [R]

Ayelet Shaked supports Naftali Bennett in face of attacks by Netanyahu

The Yamina MK reiterated her support for her party's leader, following numerous attacks by the prime minister and right-wing MKs who blame him for preventing a right-wing government.

Israel's failure to put ideology aside fuels political crisis - editorial

Rivlin has often spoken about Israel’s four tribes. In reality Israel has far more than that. If, however, we stay focused on what divides us we will never be able to unite.

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