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Carmel Forest Spa Resort: A Love Story

These recipes are from the cookbook Carmel Forest Spa Resort: A Love Story, which slowly began to take shape over a number of years.


Pascale’s Kitchen: Independence Day for vegetarians

These are dishes that everyone in the family will love and will add lots of flavor and spice to your Independence Day activities.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Passover leftovers repurposed

This week I’ve chosen to linger with the wonderful holiday feelings and at the same time use up all the leftover matzah in my pantry, before completely returning to the world of hametz.

The Palm Pool at Ein Fesh’haGrilled vegetables in a red-wine marinade (Illustrative)

The Passover kitchen

Let the fruit and vegetables of this special season inspire fresh springtime dishes. You might keep cooking them past Passover and over the rest of the year.

No-bake chocolate mousse cake

Festive flourless Passover cakes

All four of the cakes come out beautifully and so are perfect to serve for Seder or other holiday meals with friends and family.

Spring in your oven

Let’s examine why oven spring occurs and use this to learn about our dough-preparation technique and perhaps improve on it a little.


Pascale’s Kitchen: Appetizing Purim projects

These recipes will help you make Purim – and the rest of the year as well – much more fun and tasty.

Stuffed Vegetables (Credit: PASCALE PEREZ-RUBIN)

Sensational stuffed vegetables

You can fill them with meat, rice and meat, rice with dried fruit, grains, quinoa and lentils, or any other vegetarian combination you can come up with.


Recipe: Succulent fruit pies

It took me many years until I learned to enjoy the texture of fruit pies.

The hallot of seven spices

Hallot made with seven species

How to make the best treats for the holidays.

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