Better Together: 2 Israeli pro wrestlers hope to make it in the US ring

Competing as the tag team Better Together, Ori Gold and Hadar Horwitz are hoping to make it as professional wrestlers in the US after cutting their teeth in Israel.


High Court's Deri decision: Israel's domestic crisis just got more toxic

The High Court of Justice's decision pulled a scab off a deep societal wound that has never healed, and it's a wound that helps explain Shas' strength and longevity.

A WOMAN pushes children in a shopping cart in front of a Shufersal ‘

Einat Peled Shapira revealed as new CEO of BePharm

In her new role, Shapira will be responsible for the pharma activity in the entire Shufersal group.


The IDI report is an uphill battle needing a lot of focus - editorial

The Israeli Democracy Index for 2022 showed that Israelis are becoming increasingly disgruntled.

Halevi's task is to make the IDF a real Israeli people's army - comment

The Israeli public trust in the country's institutions has drastically dropped over the last decade, yet, they still put their trust in the IDF.


Israelis fearful of country's future, only 42% trust Israel's High Court

Only 49% of Israelis share optimistic views regarding Israel's future, compared to 76% of Israelis who were asked the same question in a 2012 poll.

American and Israeli Jews [Illustrative]

82% of Israelis believe diaspora Jews should make aliyah - survey

Israelis perceive antisemitism as a worse threat, as 82% believe that the safest place for Jews is Israel in today’s climate.


Israel can eradicate cervical cancer if right steps are taken - health chief

What are the main factors that dramatically increase the risk of cervical cancer and what can we do to eradicate it?

Why do Diaspora Jews care about internal Israeli conflicts? - opinion

Political differences, religious differences, sexual differences and even social differences that began as a ripple have now morphed into a wave.

Likud bill would revoke citizenship from ‘pay-for-slay’ terrorists

A new Likud MK admitted he "prefers Jewish murderers to Arab ones" and further said that "in the Jewish state, I prefer Jews over disloyal Arabs."

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