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The two faces of Israel: Inconsiderate or problem-solvers?

Where does this “two-faced” Sabra phenomenon come from?

Israel’s gutsy young actresses breaking through onto the global stage

A new crop of young Israeli actresses are beginning to attract attention abroad and may well attain mainstream international stardom.

Independence Day: After COVID-19, Israelis redefine ‘independence’

Curfews and masking requirements, as well as surveillance by the Shin Bet security agency, left Israelis thinking about what freedom really is.

More Palestinians think Israel supports apartheid than two states - poll

The results showed that, among those surveyed, 45% would consider Israel an apartheid state, while only 13% believe Israel to be serious about a two-state solution to the conflict.

Israelis split about prohibiting hametz in public during Passover -survey

The issue of prohibiting hametz in public areas such as hospitals, shopping malls and military bases, has become more controversial in recent years.

Coronavirus: Israel's rule-breakers defend their right to party

Israelis aren’t exactly known for following the rules, so it comes as no surprise that people have been partying in secret for quite some time now, and have no intention of stopping.

Israel's Black Panthers: 3 new exhibits show their impact 50 years later

We may have made strides on the sociopolitical-human front over the past half century, but there is still plenty left to be done.

A man, who flew back from Spain, is seen on the balcony of a hotel where he and other passengers wer

As COVID-19 hotels close, guests say they cost Netanyahu 'a mandate'

Hundreds depart COVID-19 hotels as government cancels obligation to quarantine in them for those returning from overseas.

Do Israelis prefer living in cities?

We set out to look for an urban life style culture (among those aged 20 and over).

Hundreds of Fellowship volunteers visit 1,500 lonely elderly on Purim

Hugging and kissing during Purim - comment

Our body movements, our small and big gestures to salute someone deserve close attention, and even more so during these absurd times in which we have been stuck for the last 12 months.

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