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Goose liver

You can now eat glatt kosher foie gras in Israel

Prior to the decision, only non-glatt kosher foie gras was available for consumption.

Experiential fine dining

Chef Ilan Mizrahi has been in charge and he’s imbued a spirit of adventure into the menu to sit alongside classic dishes that longtime patrons have come to expect.


A Jerusalem Kosher restaurant with stunning view of city

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Jerusalem Gardens hotel and offers a beautiful view of the entrance to the city.


An Israeli restaurant in a beautiful Raanana setting

The restaurant must be in one of the most beautiful settings in Israel. It’s actually inside the Ra’anana Park, just next to the lake and surrounded by flower beds and tall shading trees.

A Tel Aviv restaurant: Wine, food and art

Deca in Tel-Aviv is a well-established fish restaurant that we have visited several times, so an invitation to an evening of food and wine to herald innovations to its menu was impossible to resist.

The smell of success

Luzzato is a welcome addition to Ra’anana’s list of kosher restaurant.

Kosher certificates

Rabbi Druckman: Independent kashrut bodies pave the way for kashrut fraud

Druckman said that he does not oppose Tzohar’s kashrut authority per se, but rather the whole idea of independent kashrut authorities separate from the Chief Rabbinate.

Chief Rabbinate fines J’lem restaurant for independent kashrut supervision

Fine to Pasta Basta seen as effort to intimidate businesses.

A Kashrut certificate

Court demands chief rabbinate implement kashrut reform by September 2018

Kulanu MK Rachel Azaria, who has been a long-time advocate of kashrut supervision reform, said the ruling set a new precedent.


A kashrut controversy – for one day

Two veteran Jerusalem eateries lose and regain certification right after Passover

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