Law to Cancel the Reasonableness Standard

Herzog: Israeli leaders must show responsibility, end judicial crisis

"This is precisely the moment in which our political leadership must feign daring and responsibility and break us out of this crisis," Herzog said. 

Will the High Court strike down the reasonableness law? - analysis

The reasonableness law was an amendment to a basic law, which the court believes requires a high threshold for the court to nullify.

Does the Declaration of Independence allow court to strike basic laws?

Reformists and coalition politicians will need to shore up their arguments as to why the court doesn't have the right to engage in a review of basic laws.

Historic High Court hearing held on judicial reform law

The over 12-hour hearing is the culmination of a year of political and legal turmoil for Israel over the first judicial reform legislation to pass into law.

Vital High Court hearing: Reasonable with classic Israeli casualness

The rhetoric has been high in the streets and the Knesset, with leaders on both sides becoming caricatures and symbols of reviled movements. But the hearing was reasonable.

Petitioners say reasonableness law attempt to 'ruin Israel's democracy'

One petitioner argued that the law violates Israel's democratic principles.

A-G's office argues High Court can strike down basic law

Basic laws lack clear boundaries as the Knesset has failed to pass Basic Law: Legislation to establish the rules for the articles.

Rothman: Justices are 'privileged elites,' overruling Israeli democracy

Speaking at the historic High Court hearing on Tuesday, Rothman argued the court was overruling the democratic will of the people to choose their elected officials.

Anti-Netanyahu protest message screened on UN HQ in New York

The message was displayed on the eve of the High Court of Justice's hearing on the law to abolish the reasonableness standard and in light of Netanyahu's planned visit to New York City next week.

Israel faces constitutional crisis in historic court hearing

High Court Justice Yitzhak Amit: Democracy dies in small steps • Full bench of 15 discusses amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary

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