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Israeli researchers: Set global standards for marine plastic pollution - study

TAU researchers explain that marine plastic pollution comprises many different types of plastic and plastic products of various shapes and sizes.

Seventh beached dolphin in Israel dies on shoreline this year

The dolphin was found by passerby's on the beach exhausted.

Whales engage in social and cultural learning, study indicates

“We know that whales and dolphins are incredibly intelligent and must have complex social lives."

Israeli firm launches pilot in San Diego for eco-friendly shoreline armor

ECOncrete's COASTLOCK Tide Pool Armor could protect shorelines against erosion and storm flooding while also preserving tide pool habitats for marine life.

Dolphins spotted swimming near the coast of Netanya - WATCH

The sighting featured an estimated 8 individuals, including two calves. The school was seen playing amidst the waves.

Dolphin next to a dead friend

Mediterranean dolphin spotted off Haifa's coastline - WATCH

IMMRAC researchers noted that the particular dolphin spotted on Saturday was healthy and didn't present any signs of weakness or disease.


New study shows dolphins can learn to use tools

The scientists speculated that this behavior happens mostly when a shortage of food occurs.

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