Former US Marine accused of plotting mass murder at NY synagogue

Matthew Balenger, a former US Marine, was allegedly plotting a mass murder at an unnamed Long Island Synagogue.

Marine Corps 'excited' for MRIC system with Iron Dome components

The MRIC uses the Corps’ Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) and Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) and incorporates the Iron Dome’s Tamir interceptor and launcher.

US Marines successfully test air defense prototype with Iron Dome parts

The MRIC prototype is one of the systems developed to address an emerging capability gap for the USMC and uses Israeli missile defense components.

Jan. 6 filing: US marine was jailed for plot to attack synagogue

The revelation came in a filing by federal prosecutors arguing against a request by an alleged insurgent, Riley Williams, to loosen restrictions pending her trial.


IDF, US Marines joint-exercise concludes

The collaboration is part of the United States and Israel’s long-standing military cooperation, though the exercise also comes amid heightened tensions with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 F-35 fighter jets

US fighter jets take off from foreign carrier for first time since WWII

The last time US aircraft had flown combat missions from a British foreign aircraft carrier was during a campaign in the South Pacific in 1943, stationed aboard the HMS Victorious.

Comptroller report says port construction is detrimental to environment

The Environmental Protection Agency suggested that the best thing would be to increase the supply output from the already-existing ports in the country.

Russia jails ex-US marine Paul Whelan for 16 years over espionage

Russia says Whelan was caught red-handed with a computer flash drive containing classified information.

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