Airstrikes target pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria - report

A number of casualties among pro-Iranian militias were reported by local media outlets.


West Darfur fighting spreads to capital city El Geneina - residents

The latest fighting began with an altercation on Thursday between members of different tribes, according to rights groups active in the area.


Five times Iran used Iraqi militias to conduct drone attacks - analysis

Iran has recently established even closer ties with Iraqi militias and is now using them to attack Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other states.  

What will happen to Iraq when the US withdraws? - opinion

An ISIS resurgence is just one scenario out of four.


US, UK, Israel should help form an Arab NATO - opinion

The US and UK helped Islamic militias flourish in the MENA region; they can help defeat them now.

Is Iran behind the drone attack against Iraqi PM? - analysis

The attack on Iraq’s Prime Minister is another step in drone warfare and is a message by pro-Iran groups in Iraq that the prime minister is not safe.

Low turnout a tragedy for Iraq elections

Iraq's elections turnout is steadily sinking with 40% on Sunday compared 60% in 2014.

Will pro-Iranian militias in Iraq work more with Palestinians?

Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq may want to transfer weapons and threats closer to the border with Israel.

Iran training terror groups to operate advanced UAVs

Terrorists from Iraq, Syria and Yemen are being trained at Kashan Base north of Isfahan.

Taliban retake three northern districts seized by Afghan militias

Bano, Deh Saleh, Pul e-Hesar in Baghlan province were taken by local militia groups in one of the first signs of armed resistance to the Taliban since their seizure of the capital Kabul on August 15.

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