molotov cocktail

Man attacks UK border force center, kills himself

After the attack, the man tied an improvised noose around his neck attached to a metal pole and drove off, killing himself, the photographer said.


Will Jerusalem riots lead to new Palestinian uprising?

Small groups of masked men are barricading themselves behind burning tires and garbage containers and attacking police officers.

Close to 50% rise in shooting attacks in West Bank

According to the Shin Bet, there were a total of 212 attacks compared to 172 in August, a rise of 23 percent. Meanwhile, July saw 113 and June had a total of 147 attacks.

Palestinian, 18, fatally shot in clash with Israeli security forces

Officers had entered Eizariya to search for suspects who had, in an unusual move, broken open a gate in the concrete security barrier in the nearby area of Abu Dis.

Following death of Mahsa Amini, protests against Iran erupt worldwide

Protests were held in multiple cities around the world since Sunday including in Athens, Los Angeles and Ottawa.

Hooded man holds flaming Molotov cocktail

3 Jews arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli Arab

An indictment will be filed against the three suspected terrorists on Thursday for throwing Molotov cocktails at a man who spoke to them in Arabic.

What is a Molotov cocktail and why are they being used in Ukraine?

Molotov cocktails got their name when Finnish people mocked Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Finland.

16-year-old Palestinian shot dead by IDF after throwing Molotov cocktails at military post

A 19-year-old Palestinian was shot dead after stabbing a police officer in Jerusalem's Old City that same morning.

Hooded man holds flaming Molotov cocktail

Ukraine crisis: Kyiv residents told to stay home, make Molotov cocktails

"Make Molotov cocktails, neutralize the occupier!" the Defense Ministry said, urging residents to be careful.


What it means for the IDF to endorse shooting fleeing rock throwers - analysis

Could this move further endanger the soldiers who carry out such orders in the future before the International Criminal Court?

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