'Murder and massacre': New inquiry reveals disturbing details of UK-based concentration camps

Nazi occupiers set up at least four camps in Alderney, part of the UK’s territory, in 1941. Two of the camps were turned into concentration camps.

In ‘Here There are Blueberries,’ playwright Moisés Kaufman focuses on perpetrators of the Holocaust

The Venezuelan-born Kaufman, best known for “The Laramie Project,” a play and HBO film about the murder of the gay student Matthew Shepard, had found his latest subject.


Holocaust scholars were wrong: A Jewish state would have prevented the Holocaust

The Jewish people paid a heavy price for not having a state when needed most.


'With Many Miracles': Israel Cappell’s miraculous story of survival

Israel Cappell details his remarkable survival in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Untold valor: Jewish resistance during the Holocaust revealed in new documentary

Paula Apsell’s new film tells the stories of  Jews who fought back in the Shoah.


Biden proclaims week of Holocaust remembrance with 'ironclad support' to Israel's security

The week will be between May 5 and May 12 annually, established as the Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust.

Jews against Jews is not so new

When Jews align themselves with pro-Palestinian individuals and groups who express open support for terrorist regimes such as Hamas and Hezbollah, they have crossed a red line.

A lesson from Nazi Germany for university presidents amid tidal wave of antisemitism

By raising our awareness about antisemitism, we can instill a deep understanding of the evils of any kind of prejudice, intolerance, and hate.

Netanyahu holocaust

How did starving as youngsters during the Holocaust affect survivors and their descendants?

The risk of falling and having a hip fracture and the prevalence of osteoporosis has been shown to be increased among men and women who lived under the Nazi regime or in a Nazi-occupied country.

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