Operation Guardian of the Walls

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Police failed to prepare for Guardian of the Walls riots, says Comptroller

About 520 outbreaks of violence were reported throughout Israel during the operation, killing three and injuring hundreds.


Britain drops charges against men who took part in antisemitic convoy

Last May, a convoy drove through London shouting out antisemitic phrases in protest against Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Bennett touts Gaza calm as prime minister ends one-year rule

Some of the government's achievements, he said, involved economic growth, lowering unemployment and bringing the deficit down to zero.

'Israeli Guard' for emergency response established in Border Police

"The 'Guardian of the Walls' riots taught us that we have a national security threat from within," said Bennett.

IDF to increase number of permits for Gazan workers in Israel

An additional 2,000 labor permits will be approved by Israel, a move that comes one year since Operation Guardian of the Walls.

How many Israelis believe that Arabs and Jews can live together?

Findings from a comprehensive poll conducted by the "Israeli Congress" research group reveal that mistrust and hostility between Jews and Arabs in Israel have increased in the past year.

UN’s fixed inquiry is exposed - opinion

One doesn't have to be a prophet to foresee the content of the first report of the special Human Rights Council's Committee of Inquiry (COI) that was established after Guardian of the Walls operation


Israel, Hamas: A powder keg waiting for a spark to set it off

MILITARY AFFAIRS: One year since Operation Guardian of the Walls, not much has changed in the tense standoff between Hamas and Israel.

Coming soon: Israelis, too, will call in their national guard - analysis

Effectuating Israeli sovereignty may seem like a contradictory idea. The country is the sovereign, that should be enough. But it's not.


Antisemitic incidents spike by 34%, break US records in 2021 - ADL

The surge of incidents in May 2021 coincided with the military conflict between Israel and Hamas, the ADL found.

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