A general view of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment is seen

New CERN data dismisses apparent anomaly in Standard Model of Physics

While earlier data from CERN found that beauty quarks weren't behaving as expected, new analysis shows the prior data was flawed.

'Dark photons' may be what makes up dark matter - study

"Dark photons" could help explain why cosmic intergalactic filaments are hotter than predicted by the Standard Model of Physics.

Schrodinger's black hole? Bizarre quantum properties of stellar bodies revealed

A team of researchers found that a simulated black hole could have multiple masses simultaneously.


Neutrinos traced back to a specific galaxy for first time

The detection was made at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a massive neutrino telescope below the surface of Antarctica.

'Brightest-ever' gamma ray burst has scientists around the world excited

The burst, known as GRB 221009A but nicknamed the "B.O.A.T." (Brightest Of All Time), disrupted Earth's ionosphere.

Behavior of star clusters challenge Newton's laws of gravity

Data from open star clusters seems to fit better with an alternate theory of gravity.

Does our brain use quantum computation?

One of the authors of the study said that quantum brain processes could explain why humans can outperform supercomputers.

Eduard Shyfrin speaks at Jewish studies conference in Jerusalem

Shyfrin spoke via Zoom on “Kabbalah of Information: Absence of Information is Information". He explained how Kabbalistic ideas can be explained using the support of information theory and physics.

New phase of matter could protect quantum computers against errors

The researchers still need to find a way to integrate the phase with the computational side of quantum computing.


Scientists find the most massive neutron star close to the black hole limit - study

PSR J0952–0607 is a neutron star 2.3 times as massive as the Sun but around just 20 kilometers wide. It is the closest pulsar known to the limit to forming a black hole.

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